Estate Planning

Achieve Your Estate Planning Goals

Make sure your wishes are followed after you depart. Get comprehensive estate planning services from The Elder Law Firm. We have the skills to maximize your estate and minimize what your loved ones have to deal with. Whether it's creating a will or using a trust to avoid probate, our team knows how to achieve your estate planning goals.

Last Will and Testament

If you want to retain control over your assets for as long as possible, a will may be your best choice. A will is a document signed by you stating how you would like your property to be divided and naming someone to handle your estate. In a majority of estates that don't have unusual complications, the time required for probate is a minimum of 6 to 8 months from the date of filing the will with the court.


If you're looking to avoid the time and expenses that come with the probate of a will, a living trust is a great option. You create the living trust and name a trustee to handle the affairs of the trust. After your demise, the trustee handles the estate, terminates the trust, and distributes the estate's assets according to your directions. Examples of living trusts include:
  • Revocable living trust - allows for revisions to the trust and for the creator of the trust to retain complete control of assets
  • Irrevocable living trust - limits trust revisions but has Medicaid protection benefits
Advantages of a Living Trust

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Estate Planning

Asset Protection

Most people want to protect their assets so that their children will inherit them. To make this a reality, special preparation and planning are required. The Elder Law Firm will utilize every legal means necessary to protect these assets for your family. 
Estate Planning

Providing for Incapacity

The reality is, if you become mentally incapacitated, you will be unable to manage your own financial affairs and health care decisions. To prepare for this scenario and to ensure you have someone who can take over from where you left off, you'll need to designate a person you trust with the proper legal documents. Those documents include power of attorney for business matters and one for health care decisions, and / or a living trust to provide for your care through the trustee you designate.

You'll also want to establish a plan for medical care. By using a power of attorney for health care, you can designate the person you wish to make decisions regarding your medical treatment.

Avoiding Probate

If you use a will to distribute your estate to loved ones, everything must pass through probate. This process can be time-consuming and stressful for your surviving family members. With our help, you can pass your assets on to your loved ones without going through probate by creating a living trust.
Minor Children

Providing for Minor Children

You want only the best for your children and grandchildren. An estate plan allows you to make that possible if you pass away earlier than expected. You'll be able to choose a guardian for your children as well as a trustee who will be in charge of their finances.
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